Coconut Breeze Moisturizing Bath Bar

Dive into a tropical paradise with our Coconut Breeze Moisturizing Bath Bar. This handcrafted soap, enriched with nourishing oils and Shea Butter, provides a deep, soothing cleanse, making it perfect for dry skin. Unleash your natural beauty with Coconut Breeze.


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Why it’s Different

Each One Tree Skin Care Essential line soap bar is handcrafted and made in America with quality ingredients free of artificial fragrances, GMOs, colors, detergents, sulfates, and gluten. When you purchase a One Tree Skin Care skin product, you are not only investing in protecting your skin from harmful chemicals. You’re also investing in the environment and helping to keep it safe and free of toxic chemicals.

How to Use It

Prep the area of your skin by wetting it with warm water. Lather the Black Forest soap all over your body or specific areas you wish to wash, such as your face, keeping the soap out of your eyes. Scrub your body or face for 2-3 minutes to remove any deep-seated dirt and oil. Rinse with cold water to seal pores and gently pat your body dry.


Coconut oil, Safflower oil, Almond oil, Shea Butter, Vegetable Shortening, water, and food grade sodium hydroxide.

Let the tropical touch of Coconut Breeze transport you to a world of skin-loving luxury. Our Moisturizing Bath Bar is a handcrafted blend of Coconut Oil, Safflower Oil, Almond Oil, and Shea Butter to bring you an indulgent bathing experience.

At the heart of this formulation, Coconut Oil is celebrated for its deep moisturizing and softening properties. Its natural affinity for skin ensures a soothing and enriching cleanse, nourishing and rejuvenating your skin. Safflower and Almond Oils add an extra layer of hydration and nourishment, ensuring your skin remains soft and supple.

Shea Butter, famed for its intense moisturizing capabilities, delivers a hydration boost to your skin, locking in moisture and ensuring long-lasting softness. Vegetable Shortening further enhances this effect, creating a creamy and luxurious lather that cleanses without stripping your skin’s natural oils.

Embark on a tropical journey with Coconut Breeze. More than a soap bar, it’s a moisturizing treat for your skin and an invitation to tap into your inner strength. Let the tropical aroma and deeply hydrating touch of coconut oil transform your skincare routine.

At One Tree Skin Care, we believe in skincare that nurtures and empowers you. Experience the sensation of beautifully moisturized skin and let your natural beauty shine through with Coconut Breeze.


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